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    • Voucher is valid for interior & exterior auto detailing service (for small size vehicles) at Bluemile Auto Detailing Shop.
    • Voucher is valid for three (3) months, from July 13, 2011 to October 13, 2011.
    • Unlimited voucher purchase per person
    • Only one (1) voucher can be used per person per visit.
    • Standard Ensogo Terms:
       • Voucher is transferable and may be given as gift.
       • Price is inclusive of all service charge and VAT.
       • All paid transactions are non refundable.
       • Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any discount card or promotion.
       • Voucher is valid as a discount coupon
       • Merchant suggests voucher-holders to make reservations three (3) days prior to redemption.
       • Failure to redeem vouchers within validity period will render the voucher invalid.
    • Store Operating Hours:
      o Monday to Thursday, 8:00AM to 8:00PM
      o Friday to Sunday, 8:00AM to 10:00PM
    • Voucher is not valid for use on public holidays and special occasions.
    • Cancellation of reservation must be made a day before the start date of voucher redemption.
    • Failure to cancel a reservation will render the voucher invalid.
    • Please provide your voucher serial numbers upon reservation and present your Ensogo vouchers upon arrival at the establishment.
    • For reservations: please contact 09177336883/ 723-0794


    • Make your good ol’ car regain its former glory with an interior and exterior auto detailing service at Bluemile.
    • Auto detailing is the systematic rejuvenation and protection of the various surfaces of a vehicle. It is an essential part of taking good care of your ride.
    • Bluemile uses specific procedures and place those procedures in an order that allows them to do the work in the most efficient and effective manner.
    • Bluemile will take care of your car with an intensive auto detailing service, with their attendants having full knowledge of vehicle surfaces and industry standards. They also customize everything to fit your car’s requirements and specific situation.
    • For the complete care of your car, Bluemile only uses the best auto detailing brands such as Mothers, Meguiars, Microtex to name a few.
    • Bluemile understands that water spots can be very tough to remove. They may look miniscule and easy to ignore, but they have a big effect on your safety on the road. Getting rid of water spots on your windshield and glass panes can make your driving a lot safer.

    Bluemile Auto Detailing Shop
    1118 Gilmore corner 13th street, 1102 New Manila, Philippines

    For reservations, please contact:
    Phone #: 09177336883/ 723-0794

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    Score more points with a car as good looking as you.

    Pamper your car the same way you pamper yourself

    Bluemile takes care of your car in the most professional manner

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    About Bluemile Auto Detailing Shop:

    There’s no place like Manila. That statement also goes for the traffic situation in the metro. With all these driving headaches, we are pretty sure you’re not the only one who gets stressed out—your trusted car takes the brunt as well. There’s that little scratch on your left passenger door or maybe the thick carpet of dirt on your car’s exterior. Why not show your ride some love and restore it to its former shining beauty with an interior and exterior car detailing at Bluemile Auto Detailing? Get rid of the unwanted water spots and other car detail problems with the professional help that only Bluemile can give.

    Delighting a customer through giving quality service and expertise drives Bluemile Auto Detailing’s success. They offer all types of car cleaning services such as a simple wash & vacuum, body detailing, interior detailing, engine wash & detailing and a lot more. The spacious car service center can easily fit in 10 cars simultaneously. Their well-trained and certified car attendants use only top-of-the-line car products to ensure that your car will be taken care of inside and out.


    Great job detailing my cars!!! Very satisfied customer!!!Keep up the good work."

    - Kyle Legasto

    I was here yesterday, and try there 3steps detailing, I was surprise with the result, galing! Good job guys! Keep it up!"

    - Duke

    Fantastic detailing here in Bluemile."

    - Oliver Tionglico


    Make your car become the envy of many with the help of an interior and exterior detailing at Bluemile Autodetailing. Jazz up your car and give it the pampering it deserves after surviving all those heavy traffic jams in the metro.