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    • Voucher is valid for two (2) servings of Cebu Liempo at Liloan’s Pride Liempo.
    • Voucher is valid for three (3) months from August 26 to November 26, 2011.
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    • For inquiries and reservations, please call (02) 455-5562 / 09228665593 (Rose Coreces) / 09237294389 (Ramel Abao).


    • Craving for lechon but finding it impractical to buy the whole pig? Liloan’s Pride Liempo may be the answer to all your lechon cravings! It is a business conceptualized by a Liloan, Cebu-based family who decided that more people should try their unique grilled liempo recipe. It is one that has been passed for generations and has been loved by virtually everyone who’s tasted it.
    • Following traditional Liloan practice, the preparation of the signature liempo and lechon manok starts by choosing the freshest meat, usually from young pigs and spring chickens. They are then infused with organic herbs and spices—lemongrass, spring onions, garlic, red onions and other secret aromatics that give the liempo and lechon manok their distinct taste.
    • After marinating the meat and resting it to distribute the marinade and juices, it is roasted in the same way Cebu lechons are roasted. This ensures that the skin is smoky and crunchy and the juices of the meat are sealed within. This is what makes Liloan’s Pride Liempo so succulent and addicting!
    • Today, Liloan’s Pride Liempo uses their traditional family recipe to flavor their pork belly and chickens and modern means of cooking them. This means that food safety is assured and that the consistency of the finished product is top-class. Mixing the time-tested recipe and modern cooking methods gives the meat extra succulence and makes it melt in your mouth. The aroma and flavor is simply unforgettable!

    Liloan’s Pride Liempo
    White Plains
    #83 Katipunan Road,
    White Plains, Quezon City

    #5602 Ampere St. cor. Osmeña Highway (South Superhighway),
    Palanan, Makati City

    Mindanao Ave.
    #187 Mindanao Ave., Brgy. Bahay Toro,
    Project 8, Quezon City
    (Soon to Open on September 1, 2011)

    For reservations, please contact:
    Phone #: (02) 455-5562; 09237294389; 09228665593

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    Google Map (White Plains)
    Google Map (Makati)
    Google Map (Mindanado Ave)

    Stuffed with the good stuff!

    Crisp skin, melt-in-your-mouth fatty layers and succulent meat.

    Quaint and small, Liloan’s Pride Liempo sure packs a punch when it comes to liempo.

    Liloan’s Pride Liempo Map
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    Liloan’s Pride Liempo Map
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    Liloan’s Pride Liempo Map
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    About Liloan’s Pride Liempo:

    On Anthony Bourdain's trip to the Philippines, he declared the Cebu Lechon as the "best pig ever"--which is a very high compliment coming from someone as well-traveled and as well-fed as the famous TV chef/writer/restaurateur. He marvelled at the precision in which it is roasted, its crispy skin (“Tastes like candy,” he said), and its taste. However, the thing is, we here in Luzon can’t travel all the way to Cebu just to get a sampling of this highly coveted pig dish, especially when there’s no occasion to splurge for. Don’t write this one off as another one of those Cebu Lechon rip-offs. Liloan’s Pride Liempo is one for the books, made using a recipe that has been passed from generations to generations, roasted the same way as the famed Cebu lechons. With every piece of Liloan’s Pride Liempo, refreshing and savory notes of lemongrass and other secret herbs and spices play a symphony on your tongue. The fatty layers melt in your mouth, giving each bite a savory, unctuous and rich kick. Flavor-infused and perfect with or without the sauce, this is not just another liempo place.

    Brought to the market by Noble House, a franchising company, Liloan’s Pride Liempo’s first outlet opened on April 16, 2011 in White Plains, Quezon City. It quickly took on a second branch on May 8, 2011 in South Superhighway, Palanan, Makati City. During this time, it has garnered quite a following, all of whom marvel in the juiciness of the liempo and the harmony of flavors that each bite brings. Liloan’s Pride Liempo is not just a piece of grilled meat; it is a reminder of an era when food was cooked slowly and lovingly. It is an authentic testament of a rich and food-loving culture.


    Liloan's Pride Liempo is number 1 on my list. It's super juicy and tasty when hot. Once, I kept it in the chiller overnight then ate it cold. I was surprised that it tasted even better!"

    - Sour Pizza, Source Link

    For me, Liloan is No. 1! Very Juicy!"

    – Sunny Boy, Source Link

    Tenderness at its finest only at Liloan’s Pride Liempo. I tried it myself and it complements my appetite. The meat is very juicy and enjoyable to eat. Perfect for the whole family"

    – Chrysler Ford, Source Link

    #3 in spot.ph’s Top 10 Grilled Liempo in Metro Manila"

    – spot.ph


    Satisfy your lechon cravings with the flavorful Liloan’s Pride Liempo! It’s perfectly seasoned with fresh herbs and spices and expertly roasted to achieve crunchy meat and juicy skin. This liempo is an explosion of flavors and textures in your mouth!