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    • Voucher is valid for one session of Vibra Ultra with Thermolipo Stimulator at Biocare Skin Slimming & Spa
    • Voucher is valid for two (2) months, September 10 to November 10, 2011.
    • Purchase is limited to two (2) vouchers per person.
    • Only one (1) voucher can be used per person/visit.
    • Standard Ensogo Terms:
       • Voucher is transferable and may be given as gift.
       • Price is inclusive of all service charge and VAT.
       • All paid transactions are non refundable.
       • Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any discount card or promotion.
       • Voucher is valid as a discount coupon
       • Merchant suggests voucher-holders to make reservations 2 days prior to redemption to ensure slots availability.
       • Failure to redeem vouchers within validity period will render the vouchers invalid
    • Operating Hours:
       Greenhills branch- Monday, 11:00AM–8:00PM
       Tuesday–Sunday, 10:00AM–10:00PM
       Binondo branch- Monday– Saturday, 10:00AM–9:00PM
       Sunday - 9:00AM-6:00PM
       Zamboanga branch- Monday–Saturday, 9:00AM–8:00PM
       Sunday, 10:00AM–6:00PM
    • Voucher is valid on holidays or other special occasions.
    • Cancellation of reservations must be made a day before the set appointment.
    • Failure to cancel a reservation will render the voucher invalid.
    • Please provide your voucher serial numbers upon reservation and present your Ensogo vouchers upon arrival at the establishment.
    • For inquiries and reservations, please call:
       (Greenhills) (02)468-8888/ 0917521-8877;
       (Binondo) (02)243-7853 /(02)2437790;
       (Zamboanga) (062)992-6388 / (062) 992-6389 / (062)992-3002


    • Tired of awful bulges and stubborn fat? Experience the state of art passive way to lose weight, shape and firm up while lying down. With Biocare’s Vibra Ultra Treatment, achieve attractive curves that will make you fit into sexy clothing. Get the body you want with this spot treatment that will give you an amazing and alluring figure in an instant, especially around the tummy area.
    • The Vibra Ultra Treatment with Thermolipo Stimulator guarantees instant fat reduction with no injections, no pills, no drugs, no exercise and no diet. This procedure supports fat burning non-invasively and non-surgicallly. You will not be injected with anything and there's no need to take any pills or drugs. Because of its non-invasive nature, there is no downtime even if you don't exercise! Feel literally lighter and go back to your normal routine right after the procedure.
    • The Vibra Ultra treatment uses mechanical vibratory slimming massage equipment that allows the body to detoxify and burn fat cells, which in effect helps cellulite disappear. The treatment incorporates the Thermolipo Stimulator which helps firm, tone and shape evenly the targeted area.
    • The procedure does not only help dissolve fat and cellulite, it accelerates lymphatic drainage that promotes detoxification or flushing out of toxins and wastes in the body to strengthen the immune system. The process only takes 45 minutes for the tummy area.
    • The number of sessions and intervals of treatments are determined by the consultants at Biocare. The treatment is proven to encourage a total inch loss of 3.3 centimeters after the first procedure. Each session can also encourage at least .5 lbs weight loss.

    Biocare Skin, Slimming & Spa
    Greenhills branch:
    GF Platinum 1000 Bldg.
    16 Annapolis St., Greenhills,San Juan
    Reservation nos.: (02)468-8888 / (0917)521-8877

    Binondo branch:
    UGF Burke Plaza
    San Fernando corner Sto. Cristo St. Binondo, Manila City
    Reservation nos.: (02)243-7853 / (02)2437790

    Zamboanga branch:
    Nunez St., Zamboanga City
    Reservation nos.: (062)992-6388 / (062) 992-6389 / (062)992-3002

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    Fit into sexy clothes with that new lean and fit look from one of the best spas in the country.

    Slim down in a relaxing environment

    Binondo Branch

    Greenhills Branch

    Zamboanga Branch

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    Biocare Skin, Slimming & Spa Map
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    Biocare Skin, Slimming & Spa Map
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    About Biocare Skin, Slimming & Spa:

    Gained weight due to stress, inactivity or pregnancy? Adopting a healthier lifestyle that includes exercise and eating right works in terms of losing weight, but how about getting the curvy body you want? Spot treatments are safe, reliable and effective methods of getting the body that has the contour you want. Imagine coming in for just about an hour a day and getting bikini ready in no time! Get that enviably flat tummy with a Vibra Ultra treatment with Thermolipo Stimulator at Biocare Skin, Slimming and Spa.

    Biocare Skin, Slimming and Spa is considered one of the best spas in the Philippines, it has been recognized by the Department of Tourism, Department of Health and Philippine Wellness & Spa Association of the Philippines. Trusted for 10 years and backed up by medical and paramedical staff with training here and abroad, Biocare already has a strong and loyal clientele because of the effectiveness of the spa’s aesthetic procedures. It uses only the best equipment and the most up-to-date methods from US, Europe and Canada. Aside from the awards and recognitions it has received, it believes that the true reward is seeing customers walk out happier and more confident.


    Biocare Skin Slimming Spa, awarded as one of the 25 best spas in the Philippines, changed totally my whole perspective about the kind of services they offer and made me appreciate this kind of business."

    –Dante Corteza, ZamboTimes.com

    I am impressed with their service. The staff was nice and accommodating too."

    – senyorita.net

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    Do you dream of wearing a two-piece bikini or a body-hugging outfit without having to suck your bulging tummy in? Get that flat and sexy abs only at Biocare Skin, Slimming and Spa!