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    • Voucher is valid on a one-way trip to Manila-Visayas or Visayas-Manila in a Cabin Accommodation with full board meals at Super Ferry or Negros Navigation.
    • Voucher is valid for 12 months, from October 28, 2011 to October 27, 2012.
    • Any individual or group may purchase an unlimited number of vouchers.
    • For a one-way trip, an individual or each member of a group may redeem only one voucher per travel.
    • For round trip, an individual or each member of a group may redeem two vouchers (each) – one voucher for first trip and another for return trip.
    • For room configuration, please click here.
    • For Super Ferry Trip Schedule, please click here.
    • For Negros Navigation Trip Schedule, please click here.
    • Standard Ensogo Terms:
      • Voucher is transferable and may be given as a gift.
      • Price is inclusive of fare, meals, fuel surcharge, security fee, terminal fee, service fee and applicable VAT.
      • All paid transactions are non-refundable.
      • Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with senior citizen card, and any discount card or promotion.
    • Vouchers are valid for use anytime during the validity period including public holidays except December 15, 2011 to January 9, 2012, (subject to slot availability). Merchant, however, suggests that you make reservations at least 3 days prior to planned travel date.
    • Reservation will start on October 27, 2011 onwards.
    • When making reservations, please prepare to provide the following information:
      • Voucher Serial Number:
      • Voucher Barcode Number:
      • Passenger Name, Age and Gender:
      • Address:
      • Contact Number (preferably mobile phone):
      • Origin and destination of trip(s):
      • Trip date(s):
      • Email address:
    • Travel ticket, which serves as a confirmation of your booking, will be received through your email a few minutes after your reservation is received. Please print and present together with a valid ID to the Boarding Area at least 2 hours before departure time.
    • Should you find any errors on your travel ticket, please notify our reservation contact immediately.
    • You will receive an email confirming your reservation. This document serves as your ticket and Official Receipt. Should you find any errors, please notify our Reservation Contact person immediately.
    • A confirmed reservation may be revalidated subject to some charges. (Price is exclusive of revalidation charges.)
    • Revalidation covers change in travel date, and upgrading of accommodation. Changes in name, origin and destination are not allowed.
    • Upgrading to higher accommodation may be honored subject to prevailing upgrading fees. Upgrading may be done upon reservation or at the vessel during the trip. However, to ensure availability of your desired accommodation, we suggest upgrading is done upon reservation.
    • Revalidation Charges:
      • Before Departure Time (as printed in your ticket): P100 + 12% vat
      • After Departure Time: P200 + 12% vat
      • If revalidation is done after Departure Time, additional surcharge:
        • No show fee P100 + 12% vat
    • Child Rates:
      • Below 2 years old or Infant does not require a coucher but is subject to a P200 All-in rate.
      • An infant shares bed with his accompanying adult.
      • Tickets for Infants are issued on day of departure at the Ticketing Office in the Pier.
      • Children 3 years old and older are covered by one Voucher.
    • Other limitations:
      • Pregnant passengers who are more than 28 weeks pregnant may be denied passage on the vessels.
      • Pregnant and sick passengers must be cleared by Company or vessel physician to be fit for sea travel.
    • Your travel ticket, which serves as a confirmation of your booking, will be received through your email a few minutes after your reservation is received. Please print and present together with the following documents at the Boarding Area at least 2 hours before departure time:
    • Valid ID of the passenger.
    • Valid ID of the card holder.
    • In case passenger is not the credit card holder, copy of Credit Card used and Letter from the card holder authorizing the use of credit card or a letter that will establish the relationship of purchaser and the cardholder.
    • For inquiries and reservations, please contact:
      • (02) 528.7844
      • (02) 528.7855
      • 0917.5459718
    • Reservations are accepted from Monday to Sunday, 8:00AM to 7:00 PM or send email to nn-sf_promo@ats.com.ph
    • Ensogo Cebu is currently processing over-the-counter payments via BPI only. Virtual payments like Credit Cards, Paypal and Bancnet are also accepted.
    • Additional Perks:
      • Welcome Drink: like a celebrity as you step into your Super Ferry and Negros Navigation trip to Visayas. Settle into your comfortable cabin and freshen up with a welcome drink.
      • Free Breakfast Delivery: On the first day of your sea journey, your breakfast will be delivered to you in your room as you enjoy the view of the deep blue. (Optional). Once you’re already ready to mingle with other passengers enjoying the same treat, you can move to the first-class dining area for your other meals.
      • Captain’s Bridge: Want to steer the boat? Want to wear the captain’s hat even just for a picture? A tour of the Captain’s Bridge may be arranged.

    Karaoke is just one of the perks at Super Ferry

    Clean, comfortable rooms to make your travel experience perfect

    Your vacation begins on the way to your destination

    Immerse yourself in Cebu’s rich history

    About Super Ferry:

    Sometimes, the vacation starts with the trip to your destination. If you’re not in a rush, why spend thousands on airline fare when you can get a huge price cut by going to your vacation destination on boat? Aside from the thrill of seeing so much of the Philippine’s rich seascapes, travelling on a leisure liner will give you a chance to get to know more people and experience exquisite food and service. It’s really like being in a hotel at sea. Arrive at Cebu in style with this Super Ferry and Negros Navigation treat.


    Covered Stops:

    Super Ferry

    Cebu, Bacolod, Iloilo, Dumagueta, Tagbilaran, Puerto Princesa, Coron

    For inquiries and reservation, please contact us:

    Phone:(02) 528.7844 / (02) 528.7855 / 0917.5459718


    Inclusive of Cabin Fare, Fuel Surcharge, Security Fee, Terminal Fee, Full Board Meals and VAT."