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    • Voucher is valid for two bottles of POWERTRIM - Fast Fat Burning L-Carnitine (300mg) and Green Tea Extract (300mg) Capsules only.
    • Voucher is valid for three (3) months, from July 1 to October 1, 2011.
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    • Get all the help you can get with health supplements that promise results fast. By taking in Powertrim L-Carnitine and Green Tea Extract and combining that with regular workout and a healthy diet, you can take advantage of six times more fat-burning properties and energy-giving formula that Powertrim is equipped with.
    • Having enough L-Carnitine in your body allows you to burn fat for a longer period of time, especially if you are working out, and thus extend your endurance significantly. Not only that—boosted energy feels incredibly good when we have it, and the more you have it, the more fat you burn — weight loss is merely a by-product of it.
    • Powertrim products have gone through careful research to give you the best potency, with the highest standard and quality manufactured in the USA, shipped to the Philippines by air to further preserve its content.
    • Each POWERTRIM capsule contains 300mg of L-Carnitine and 300mg Green Tea extract which significantly helps maximize your workout performance by helping the body produce more energy from fat. POWERTRIM transports fatty acids into the cells’ fuel burning center (mitochondria) where they are burned as energy.
    • For maximum effect, take 2 capsules daily prior to your exercise routine.
    • Studies have shown that L-Carnitine reduces the effects of aging and depression, increases heart and kidney function, memory, metabolism and weight loss resulting to a longer and healthier life.
    • Green tea extract is a known strong antioxidant that increases thermogenesis and oxidizes fat!
    • Powertrim is BFAD-certified (BFAD FR-74815)
    • No approved therapeutic claims
    Supplement Facts
       • Serving Size: 1 capsule.
       • Servings per container: 30 capsules.
       • L-Carnitine (Free Form) 300mg .
       • Green Tea Extract 300mg .

    Suite 408, West City Plaza, #66 West Avenue, Quezon City

    For reservations, please contact:
    Phone #: (02)425-6523/ 985-9414

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    Your desired body is just a another capsule away

    Determine which weight-loss supplement works best for you to achieve that desired leaner and fitter body.

    Supplement your regular workout and be slimmer, faster, with just two capsules of Powertrim daily

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    About POWERTRIM:

    A common misconception regarding weight-loss supplements—people think that simply taking the prescribed dosage can guarantee them the disappearance of their unwanted flabs and beer bellies. But newsflash, people--it is not the sole answer to achieve your desired body weight and perfect vital stats. It’s only the key to start the engine running, but you still got to drive. So how do you know which supplements can help you drive to the weight-loss road faster? Determine which weight-loss supplement works best for you, given that you already decided which exercise and diet plan you want to practice. Your best bet? POWERTRIM, a leader in the weight-loss supplement market, combines the fast fat-burning powers of 300 mg L-Carnitine with the powerful anti-oxidant properties of 300 mg Green Tea Extracts. Supplement your regular workout and be slimmer, faster, with just two capsules of Powertrim daily, exclusively distributed by Beaulife Enterprise.

    Established in October 2006, Beaulife Enterprise is a diversified wellness company that imports, develops and markets premium herbal-based food supplements. Its initial line of products is focused on the needs of the consumers such as Glutathione, Joint Health, Joints and Bones Pain Management, and the most effective weight-loss supplements.


    My friend told me about Powertrim and I have been taking it for a month and can already see the difference. It was a perfect partner in my mission to live a healthier and sexier life.”

    - Paulo M.

    I got tired of being teased about my chubbiness that I tried if weight loss supplements work and so far I’m not disappointed coz I can see the difference and feel lighter everyday.”

    - Rica S.

    Powertrim aided me and made my workout less tiring so I was able to exercise longer and burn more fats.”

    - Frank H.


    Supplement your regular work-out and be slimmer, faster, with just two capsules of Powertrim daily, exclusively distributed by Beaulife Enterprise.