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    Mothers only want the best for their children and nothing more. Creating an unpolluted environment is always one of their top priorities especially during the vulnerable years, if only it were possible. Face it, you can’t protect your baby from the world’s harshness; but at least you can keep bad bacteria away from feeding bottles. Get your baby a Philips Avent Express II Microwave Steam Sterilizer for instantly sterilized bottles at home or even when you and baby are on the go. This handy bottle sterilizer makes use of microwave steam technology to produce intense heat that can kill harmful bacteria in a span of only two minutes. Sterilize up to 6 baby bottles that can stay sterile if lid is unopened for up to 24 hours. Philips Avent is the leading parenting and baby products brand in the world. Giving your best as a mother is possible via this baby-friendly Ensogo treat. 


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    • Make feeding time safe and secure with the BPA-free Avent Express II Microwave Steam Sterilizer, great for use inside or outside your home.
    • Be able to sterilize up to 6 bottles at the same time in as short as 2 minutes.
    • The sterilizer makes use of microwave steam technology which produces intense heat to eliminate harmful bacteria.  
    • The Avent Express II has a lightweight and compact design that’s perfect for home and outdoor use.
    • Treated contents remain sterile for up to 24 hours if lid is unopened.   

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