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    Surely, you’ve tripped on jumbled cords either from your TV, laptop charger, or other appliances at home or in the office. Avoid such instances and get rid of that jungle of a mess today with the help of a Belkin Socket Surge Protector. Not only does it organize all socket cords but it also makes your work place and household safe with its recessed sockets and insulated-pin plugs. It’s available in 6-way or 8-way sockets and has simple cable management design to answer your needs. This Belkin Socket Surge Protector can offer up to 1411 joules while still providing high quality surge protection. With this in your household, your children are assured to be safe from all the dangers that tangled and unprotected sockets can produce. Be one of the hundreds of million around the world who put their trust to a brand that offers effective solutions to all your power-safety needs – Belkin.


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    • There should be no space for clutter in this digital age. Keep all cords and cables organized with a Belkin Socket Surge Protector.
    • Whether for home or office, the Belkin Socket Surge Protector will be a great partner in keeping all computer and appliance cables simply organized.
    • Keep your kids safe all the time with this Belkin Socket Surge Protector that takes care of everything through recessed sockets and insulated-pin plugs. 
    • It also has a simple cable management design that will help keep anyone from tripping over cable clutter.
    • Aside from providing long-lasting surge protection, this socket surge protector also has a higher joules rating of up to 1411 Joules.
    • Every unit of Belkin is designed in the USA.  Trust only Belkin which has over 100 million units being used worldwide.
    • When Belkin says Lifetime Warranty, they mean it: Belkin will replace, free of charge, any Surge Protector that is defective or expires after protecting your electronic devices.


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    • Valid for a Belkin Socket Surge Protector with Lifetime Warranty
      • Deal 1: Belkin Socket Surge Protector, 6-way, for P1219 (valued at P1990)
      • Deal 2: Belkin Socket Surge Protector, 8-way, for P1799 (valued at P2990)
    • Purchase limit: unlimited


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