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    It is always surprising to hear a four-year-old kid asking for a cellphone or Xbox for Christmas. Not that it is bad to be tech-savvy as a kid, but sometimes it’s nice to see them playing with actual toys made for kids — the kind of toys that we played during our childhood years, right? Bring back the classic fun of real toys for real kids with a twist with Chatimals Plush Talking Hamster. This hamster sure is entertaining to have because with just a press of its paw, kids can get to talk to it. The Chatimals Plush Talking Hamster repeats everything that is said in a quirky, high pitch hamster voice. Do it over and over again with your kids or with their friends and it will surely be a hit. It’s time to get interactive with other toys and buy a hit alternative gift like this adorable and funny Chatimals Plush Talking Hamster.


    • Entertain the kids with a furry, fluffy and funny Plush Talking Hamster by Chatimals.
    • Kids will love playing with this talking hamster.  To play, simply press its paw with the red mark and just talk to it. Wait for a few seconds and you will surely get a giggle or two when you hear it saying exactly what you said in a very charming and high pitch hamster voice.
    • It’s a unique toy that will surely get the kids bonding as they say random things to this hamster and wait for it to repeat what they said instantaneously.
    • These furry animals come in different colors: Tan, Pink, Dark Brown and Gray
    • Weight per piece: .5kg

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    Chatimals Plush Talking Hamster