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    Living a clean lifestyle, having a slender body and eating the right kind of food doesn’t always guarantee and make a healthy person. We can’t view our internal organs, can’t we? To make sure that you are clean not only on the outside, but more importantly on the inside, have a daily dose of FiberHealth with this discounted Ensogo treat of a bottle in 50 or 100 capsules. Not because you think you are meeting your required daily dose of fiber or you feel like your bowel movement is regular because of laxative intake, this is still not enough. You must know that our body still has more harmful waste that stays in our intestines. One dangerous waste that we must get rid of are Mucoid Plaques. These are black sludge that builds up into unnatural mucous-like toxic substance that our body naturally produces to supposedly protect us from stress, drugs, unhealthy foods, etc. This may actually grow into several inches thick as it accumulates and may reach the entire length of the colon, small intestine and stomach. If this is not prevented, all the vitamins and food nutrients you take are practically useless because the layer of mucoid plaque stops it from being assimilated to your body. This leads to decay, fermentation and putrefaction as it poisons our organs and make us prone to life-threatening diseases. Take a powerful yet natural food supplement to prevent this from happening. FiberHealth is a combination of fiber, natural-laxative and probiotics to support the body’s need to eliminate harmful wastes. Make sure you are truly clean on the insides with a daily dose of FiberHealth.


    • Always have your daily dose of fiber to meet your dietary needs for a healthier body with a bottle of FiberHealth in 50 or 100 capsules.
    • FiberHealth is an all in one dietary supplement that’s a combination of fiber, natural laxative and probiotics. Did you know that fiber alone cannot keep your body clean and healthy?
    • Aside from toxic wastes, you also need to get rid of mucoid plaques that accumulate in the stomach. If this is not prevented, it will lead to the slow poisoning of your internal organs that may lead to life-threatening diseases.
    • FiberHealth cleanses the body’s waste and harmful bacteria without affecting or upsetting the good bacteria through the cleansing power of enzymes and fiber.
    • Since FiberHealth contains fiber and natural laxatives, it also improves the bowel movement which contributes to better weight management.
    • FiberHealth has billions of probiotics and prebiotics.
    • This superior natural 3-in-1 combination of fiber-laxative-probiotic supplement is the first of its kind in the market, underwent 7 years of painstaking research and laboratory testing.
    • Experience the effect in less than 12 hours after intake.
    • This product has no approved therapeutic claims.
    • FiberHealth is also available at all Mercury Drugstore nationwide.
    • Consumer’s Choice Awardee of 2012 “Voted as No.1 Probiotic and Intestinal Care Supplement”
    • For intake inquiries, please call or  text hotline number 09081215151

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    • Valid for a FiberHealth.
    • 50 capsules(bottle) for P399 (valued at P750)
    • 100 capsules (box) for P779 (valued at P1550)
      • Purchase limit per person: Unlimited
      • Product Weight:
        • 50 capsules (bottle) –  approx 40g gross
        • 100 capsules (box) -    approx 80g gross
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