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    Kids these days are certified carnivores and ultimate junk-yardigans and with this, mothers are frustrated in keeping those fruits and veggies fresh and intact for a longer period of time in the refrigerators. They find themselves in either of these two frustrating situations: forced to put these once deliciously fresh products to the trash bin or forced to eat these uneaten goodies all by themselves. Stop these wasteful stories at home with the use of the mighty Fridge Balls. These adora-balls can be a money and fresh food saver as they contain all-natural minerals that preserve the freshness and nutrients of your fruits and vegetables—the same trick that leading supermarkets and groceries use for these kinds of products. Maximize the newness of your ref goodies so you can find more fresh and exciting recipes to entice the whole family to enjoy fruits and veggies, with the help of Fridge Balls.


    • Store as many fruits and vegetables as you want and need without fear of their inevitable spoilage with Fridge Balls, the long-awaited answer to the constant downfall of uneaten food in your refrigerator.
    • Fridge Balls use the same technology that supermarkets and groceries utilize in keeping their food fresh for a longer period of time.
    • Praise Fridge Balls for it contains all-natural minerals, including Potassium, proven to absorb a variety of gases that causes fruits and vegetables to ripen quickly.
    • With this reasonable price, stock as many fridge balls for your loaded fridge because you have to replace your Fridge Balls every 60 days for thoroughgoing performance.
    • This is a healthy trick to push you to eat more fruits and veggies without any hesitance because of your fear of spoilage.
    • Product Weight: .100 (kg)

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    • Valid for Fridge Balls (3 balls per package):
      • P199 for a minimum of 1 package
      • P169 for a minimum of 3 packages
    • Purchase limit: Unlimited


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    • Upon receiving, please inspect immediately whether the product is in good condition.

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