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    Going under the knife is an instant fat-slayer but it has its own risks such as literally killing you. Going to the gym is a healthy lifestyle to slim you down but it can drain you especially if you have very stressful and endless working hours. You are not hopeless if you fall under these situations because with just a healthy drink like Smart Sense Philippines’ effective Green Coffee 800 Plus + Weight Loss Dried Plum, you can burn your fat while taking in a supplement that gives your body enough vitamins and minerals to improve its over-all function.

    This supplement has been giving remarkable effects in Australia, USA, Europe and has even been featured in BBC. Smart Sense has now landed in Ensogo giving you accessible prices to give you a slimmer and healthier body just by drinking Green Tea Coffee once every morning and Dried Plum once after dinner. Made from herbal extracts that slim down your body without stealing your appetite, improve digestion, decrease cholesterol and even keep you away from cancer, all these effects can be valid as it has been a company receiving prestigious awards for International Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), International Food and Drugs Registered Products (FDA) , Philippines BFAD License to Operate (LTO)  and Registered Corporation at Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Slim down and get the healthiest body and glow just by preparing a cup of Green Coffee 800 Plus every morning before breakfast and a eat piece of Weight Loss Dried Plum every night right after dinner. IT’S NOW OR NEVER! Start losing weight safe and effectively!


    • Have healthy and slimming sips of great-tasting coffee every morning with Smart Sense Green Coffee 800 and take a piece of Weight Loss Dried Plum after dinner for the same effects.
    • Green Coffee 800+ is a dietary supplement made from herbal extracts.
    • This drug-free supplement effectively works as it is blended with Chronium which decreases your body’s blood sugar. This effect leads to reduction of sugar in your blood circulation thus preventing you from diabetes and metabolic syndrome as well as decreasing body fat.  This ingredient also lowers down the level of bad cholesterol and boosts the amount of good cholesterol.
    • Chronium together with vanadium speeds up the burning of carbohydrates and your body’s metabolism.
    • The herbal ingredient called Heartleaf added into the coffee does not totally eliminate your sense of hunger because it boosts the process of burning fat while keeping your healthy appetite.
    • It also has anti-oxidant ingredients which not only increases your metabolism, it also gives you glow for the skin and this is a good effect because some supplements can make your skin look dry and pale.
    • With a punch of Ginseng, you’ll have enough energy to get through the day while dieting.
    • Ingredients of INGREDIENTS:  70mg Calcium ,  250mcg Chromium (as Chromium Dinicotinate Glycinate) , 700mg Propietary Herbal Bend: Green tea leaf standardized extract (180 mg antioxidant polyphenols, 90mg epigallocatechin gallate , [EGCG], 50mg naturally occurring caffeine), Asian(Panax) ginseng root standardized and 2g Dietary Fiber 
    • Take one pack in the morning and never take it at night if you want to get a good sleep.
    • To achieve best results: Take this supplement once every morning while taking a healthy diet plan. Never take drink it at night if you want to get a good sleep.
    • Content: 18 packs of Green coffee 800+ x 10g in a sealed box (18-day supply) 
    • IMPORTANT: This product is not suitable for people under the age of 16, patients suffering from cardiac conditions, high blood pressure or diabetes. This product is not recommended for pregnant or breast feeding women. 
      If there is any sensitivity to this product or if under any medication, please consult your health care physician before use. 
    • Weight Loss Dried Plum gives detoxifying and slimming effects which does not stop you from having a healthy appetite.
    • It has the healthiest components of Active Lactobacillus, Lotus Leave, Dried Plum and Puerh Tea.  
    • Active Lactobacillus provides you with a healthy digestion and maintains your ideal blood pressure level. It balances the needed good and bad bacteria of the body as well as the stimulation of vitamins and minerals that strengthens the immune system.
    • Lotus Leaven, being a natural herb, has its own powerful healing characteristics toward bruises, muscle spasm and bleeding. It can also cool down a fever and can be of assistance to the digestive system.
    • Dried Plum, as the third ingredient, serves as an antioxidant and digestion system booster since it has fiber content as well. It also helps in decreasing cholesterol and blood sugar level.
    • Lastly, Puerh Tea is a great help in burning your fat for weight loss result because it does not absorb the fat that you have taken. It also lowers blood cholesterol level and can prevent the growth of potential cancer cells plus eliminate headaches and pains.
    • Take one piece after dinner and keep in mind: This product is not suitable for children, pregnant woman and people having serious gastrointestinal ulcers.  This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. 

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    • Valid for American Leptin Slimming Green Coffee and Weight Loss Dried Plum with FREE NATIONWIDE DELIVERY.
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      • Deal 5: 4 boxes of Green Coffee 800 Plus for P1298 (valued at P2496)
      • Deal 6: 4 boxes of Weight Loss Dried Plum for P1298 (valued at P2496)
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