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    The only reason why people tell you that the best way to travel is by travelling light is because it’s not ideal to carry a huge bag or several bags when travelling. But what if there’s one bag that can carry all your travel necessities without forcing you to leave behind your favourite dress or shirt? Pack right with the 3-in-1 luggage organizer, your key to being a sensible fashionista even while on the go. The best part about it is that it is lightweight; it wouldn’t take up much of your baggage weight allowance if you’ll be riding a plane and very easy to carry around with its hand strap. You can easily and neatly pack your clothes, towels and other travel essentials in the 3 compartments of the luggage organizer. So whether it’s for work or leisure, travel in style with the 3-in-1 luggage organizer.


    • You no longer have to struggle to fit all the things you need for your travel in your luggage. All you need is the 3-in-1 luggage organizer.
    • There’s no more need to “pack light”, just learn how to “pack right”. That’s exactly what the 3-in-1 luggage organizer can do for you.
    • It is made of washable lightweight nylon and rubberized mesh and has a hand strap that makes it easy for you to carry.
    • It has 3 compartments that can accommodate just about everything you need:
      • 1st compartment: 11.5 x 15.5 x 2.5; easily fits 10-12 shirts.
      • 2nd compartment: 9.5 x 13.5 x 2.5; may contain white shirts, towels, or boxers.
      • 3rd compartment: 6.5 x 11.5 x 2.5; for your socks, underwear, toiletries, etc.
    • The 3-in-1 luggage organizer only weighs 375 grams so it will be a breeze carrying it around and won’t take a lot of your baggage weight allowance.

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    • Valid for a Home Essentials - 3-in-1 luggage organizer
      • 1 set of black/blue luggage organizer
      • 1 set of black/pink luggage organizer
      • 1 set of black/red luggage organizer
      • 1 set of black/gray luggage organizer
      • 1 set of black/khaki luggage organizer
    • Purchase limit: Unlimited


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    3-in-1 Luggage Organizer