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    Have you ever bought a towel that turns out to be a nightmare to use? Sometimes, bad towels are made of non-absorbent material that doesn’t take wetness away or they’re made of too-thin fabric that it will give toilet paper a run for its money. Invest in good towels without breaking the bank with IZORBTM Towels via this Ensogo treat. Get ultrafine, super-absorbent towels that do a lot for you whether you’re at the gym or you just stepped out of your shower. It is also perfect for roadtrips and the beach, especially with their supple pink, blue and green colors that just scream summer. Don’t be afraid to get all sweaty because with IZORBTM towels, you can wipe it all off with lightning speed, wherever you are. GRAB IT. PACK IT. GO ANYWHERE. IZORB SIMPLY ABSORBS.


    • Don’t worry about sweating a lot during exercise or while lounging at the beach because with this Ensogo treat, you get ultra-absorbent towels from IZORBTM at a whopping low price.
    • Perfect for the gym, travelling or to beach getaways, this durable and lightweight microfiber towel is super absorbent yet feels like real cotton on the skin.
    • Made of soft, ultrafine, woven fibers, IZORBTM  large size towels feel luxurious on the skin – none of the rough stuff that covers conventional towels.
    • Guaranteed to absorb 8x more and dries up 4x faster than regular towels.
    • Comes in bright summery colors: Bright Pink, Blue and Green
    • Dimensions: 45 (w) x 22 (l); Weight: .24kg.

    Shipping Info


    • Voucher is valid for a large IZORBTM Microfiber Towel in bright pink, blue or green.
    • Purchase limit: unlimited
    • For product inquiries, please call: 09178292435 or 09228552435


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    • SIMPLE LINE ERMITA Branch 1337 M.H. Del Pilar Street Ermita, Manila
    • Product is available for pick-up from October 1, 2012 to October 31, 2012 (Mondays to Saturdays including Holidays from 11:00am to 8:00pm).  If not picked up within this period, product will be discarded.
    • Please present voucher upon claiming the product.



    • Shipping begins from October 1, 2012 to October 31, 2012. 
    • Please fill in delivery detail after clicking ‘Buy’ and ensure that the information is correct. 
    • The company reserves the right to withhold delivery if the shipping and contact details are incomplet