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    As we all know, food plays a major role in any kind of family or barkada bonding. It can literally make or break a gathering so make sure that you only serve the best dishes on the table. Preparation of such dishes requires the usage of high quality cooking ware; it is just as essential as the usage of the freshest ingredients. With this, stick to a trusted brand like Kaiser Hoffman and when it comes to your frying activity, choose Kaiser Hoffmann Stovetop Deep Fryer. With its deep interior and frying basket, you can cook big batches of meat, fish, chicken or even loads of fries in one cooking. With its encapsulated base, you can guarantee equal and faster heat distribution. Make every dining affair extra special by cooking any fried dish sumptuous, delicious and luscious only with a Kaiser Hoffmann Stovetop Deep Fryer. 


    For limited vouchers, Ensogo processes only virtual payments i.e., credit cards (through PesoPay), Paypal and Bancnet.

    • Discover another secret in cooking your crispy pata, liempo, breaded chicken, breaded shrimp, calamari and more into its juiciest and most lip-smacking goodness with Kaiser Hoffman Stainless Stovetop Deep Fryer.
    • This deep fryer is constructed in stainless steel so it’s guaranteed durable
    • It has an encapsulated base which is a major plus to cooking high-quality meals with convenience because it ensures faster and equal heat distribution.
    • You can easily lift its lid while avoiding careless burns because it has an oversized phenolic handle and knob.
    • It’s a good keep for long-term cooking as it is very easy to maintain and dishwasher-safe.
    • Set includes 6Qt. covered stockpot and frying basket 5Qt. capacity
    • Available in 20cm or 18cm.
    • Kaiser Hoffman is a German brand that produces high-quality kitchenware items that are guaranteed safe for food preparation and totally durable.

    Shipping Info

    • Valid for a Kaiser Hoffman Stovetop Deep Fryer.
      • Kaiser Hoffman Stainless Stovetop Deep Fryer (20cm) for P999(valued at P2500)
      • Kaiser Hoffmann Stainless Stovetop Deep Fryer (18CM) for P888 (valued at P2200)
    • Purchase limit: Unlimited


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    Ensogo Office: 2F W Office Building, 28th St., Cor. 11th Ave. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig from Monday to Friday, 10:00AM to 5:00PM (closed on holidays)

    Kaiser Hoffman Stainless Stovetop Deep Fryer