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    Pillows play a big role on how comfortable your nightly sleep can be. With the right pillow, not only will you have a good night’s sleep, but you may also prevent body aches as well as some known diseases. With this treat, you can finally own that one precious pillow to address all your slumber concerns. For your first choice, consider the Airmax Microbead Pillow, which is filled with 65 million air-infused microbeads that automatically adjusts to your desired position as you sleep. No worries about the embarrassing snores if you share your room with someone else because this pillow prevents that by allowing proper alignment of the air passages as you sleep. It also features a breathable spandex liner for a cooler feel as you sleep. Next up for your consideration is the Memory Pillow, an Orthopedic Cervical Neck Support Pillow that conforms to the contours of your neck and head. It is hypo-allergenic and dust mite resistant, making it the asthmatic’s best sleep buddy.  Finally, if you’re the type of person who just can’t get comfortable, get the 10-in-1 position pillow or the Twist Contour Pillow and it might just be the most useful thing you’ll ever own. It may be used as a bent pillow to avoid strains while you’re reading or watching TV, and may also be used for travels in the car or even for plane rides as neck support. It is also the perfect pillow for infants as it can be bent to comfort your baby in a snug, secure position. No more tossing and turning all night until you get that right position. One of these pillows just might give you the best kind of sleep you will ever have.


    • Your search for the perfect pillow has finally ended with the Airmax Microbead Pillow. This pillow that’s filled with over 65 million air-infused microbeads automatically adjusts to your position as you sleep and has an unbelievable auto-adapting support for your head, neck and shoulders.
    • The Airmax Microbead Pillow helps prevent headaches, shoulder and neck pains as well as snore prevention by allowing the proper alignment of air passages.
    • The Memory Foam Pillow fully conforms to the contours of your neck and head. It gives full support, thereby providing the ultimate comfort. It is also called an Orthopedic Cervical Neck Support Pillow and is perfect for those who suffer problems on the neck, spine and vertebrae. It is hypo-allergenic and dust mite resistant, making it ideal for those who have asthma.
    • The 10-in-1 Position Pillow or the Twist Contour Pillow is perfect not only for sleeping but is also a pillow you can use for strain relief while reading or watching TV. You may also use it as a leg pillow. It can also be curved for all-night neck relief as it can shape to cradle and comfort your shoulders. It may be used as a custom back support in a chair or neck support pillow in your car or plane rides. Its Memory sponge hi-tech polyurethane material is safe to use to give your newborn a snug position or for children’s neck support in long car rides. The pillow cover is machine washable.
    • Airmax Microbead Pillow:  Product Weight: 700g / Dimensions: 51cm x 35cm / Color: White
    • Memory Foam Pillow: Product Weight: 800g / Dimensions: 20cm x 13in x 5in / Color: Cream
    • 10-in-1 Position Pillow: Product Weight: 800g / Dimensions: 10cm x 65cm / Color: Cream

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