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    Waking up in the morning is a known problem by many and it sure is a lot to whine about, especially during the rainy days. Whine no more because there is now a cooler and more effective way to wake up early with the Talking Alarm Clock with Projector and a Weather Station Projector clock. If you need to rush to work or school or finish a project after a squeezed-in nap time, the Talking Projector Alarm Clock’s speaking functions, which will tell you the time and temperature, is a great hit to get you up from that tempting bed. A good speaking alarm clock amplifies your mood with a musical alarm plus a mind-blowing projector that will post the time on your wall. The Weather Station Projector Clock not only tells the time but also lets you see the actual weather condition and humidity outside.  Either of these two is a must-grab item for your room to wake you up to a great start, help you be on time and it adds the cool vibe to your room.


    • If we base our 21st century lives on sci-fi movies made in 80’s, we are now indeed living in that inconceivable future.  Take futurism further with the coolest clocks ever: a Weather Station Projection Clock or a Talking Alarm Clock with Projector.
    • During the rainy season, it may be hard to detect the time just by looking out your window and looking for a hint of sunshine.  The Weather Station Projection Clock projects not just the time and date on wherever you choose to point the projector at; it also gives you an idea about the weather and the humidity. It has an alarm/snooze function so you won’t sleep through this bed weather.
    • If you always wish someone would wake you up on time, here’s a clock for you: the Talking Alarm Clock with Projector.  It has a powerful speaking function which will automatically tell you the time and temperature. Its LCD backlight display makes it easy to read even in the dark.
    • It also has an enchanting musical alarm with controllable volume plus a projector to post the time on the wall so you don’t have to reach for it just to look at the time. Want to know what makes this function even cooler? It can be activated by clapping – you can finally make your movie dreams come true!
    • Both are battery-operated (3xAAA (battery not included))

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    • Valid for a Projector Clock
      • Weather Station Projection Clock for P540 (valued at P1149)
      • Talking Alarm Clock with Projector for P499 (valued at P1099)
    • Purchase limit: unlimited
    • For product inquiries please contact: 0999-999SALE or 0999.999.7253.
    • Website: www.LatestGadget.net


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