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    Try watching local and international cooking shows these days and from there, you’ll realize the significant presence of olive oil for everyday to fine dining cooking. You may wonder why there is constant use of this oil considering its pricey tag compared to other usual kinds of oil.  It is simply because olive oil provides priceless health benefits and rich flavours, as well as texture and color to provide culinary satisfaction. One of the main health benefits of olive oil, according to the experts, is that it reduces ‘bad’ cholesterol and keeps the remaining ‘good’ cholesterol which helps in preventing certain types of cancer. It also promotes normal digestion:  taking 2 small tablespoons of olive oil on an empty stomach can soothe chronic constipation. For preparing sumptuous meals, Sansur Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pure Olive and Pomace Olive Oil have their own specialities but are flexible enough to contribute in dressing, steaming, roasting, frying or baking the most delicious meals for your home. Start every dish with the special and healthy touch of Sansur Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pure Olive Oil or Pomace Olive Oil.


    • Cook only the best for your family starting with a healthy and world-class bottle of cooking oil such as Sanur Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
    • The lineup of olive oil of Sansur guarantee its consumers the best since their products of olive oil and olives are directly transported from Spain, one of the biggest producer and reputable exporter of olive oil.
    • Know the best olive oil that will give you cooking satisfaction for your dishes starting with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Sansur EVOO pours the richest flavor and aroma of olive oil and also the healthiest inputs for your body.
    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil is best used for salad dressing, roasting or sautéing or steaming vegetables, drizzling over Italian breads of all sorts or ordinary bread topped with flavorful spices.
    • Pure Olive Oil, on one hand, cooks a more neutral flavor with lighter golden color which is also of great use for cooking and baking. It gives opulent flavor for salads with herbs and vinegar, is also a good alternative for mayo for your potato or macaroni salad recipes, is good for roasted or braised meat or for frying breaded meat, appetizers, vegetables and more.
    • Pomace Olive Oil, through the third pressing and blended with extra virgin olive oil, is best used for everyday frying and sautéing


    Shipping Info


    • Valid for a Sansur Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pure Olive Oil or Pomace Olive Oil.
    • Purchase limit: Unlimited
    • Voucher per redemption: Unlimited
    • Expiration Dates:
      • Pure Olive Oil 5 liters: 7/8/2013
      • Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 liter: 8/8/2013
      • Pomace Olive Oil  5 liters: 9/20/2013
      • Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 liters: 7/25/2013
    • For more information on delivery and the product, please call Customer Service at 555-6868, from Monday to Friday, 9:00AM to 6:00PM (closed on holidays).


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    • Ensogo Office: 2F W Office Building, 28th St., Cor. 11th Ave. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig from Monday to Friday, 9:00AM to 7:00PM (closed on holidays)
    • Product is available for pick-up from October 1 to October 31, 2012.  If not picked up within this period, product will be discarded.
    • Please present receipt upon claiming the product.



    • Shipping begins from October 1 to October 31, 2012. 
    • Please fill in delivery detail after clicking ‘Buy’ and ensure that the information is correct. 
    • The company reserves the right to withhold delivery if the shipping and contact details are incomplete, particularly the contact number.
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    • Shipping will be made from Monday to Saturday, from 8:30AM to 6:00PM (not valid on holidays).
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    • After 2 failed delivery attempts, product will be stored at Ensogo then will be discarded if not claimed within 30 days.
    • Upon receiving, please inspect immediately whether the product is in good condition.

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    Ensogo Office: 2F W Office Building, 28th St., Cor. 11th Ave. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig from Monday to Friday, 9:00AM to 7:00PM (closed on holidays)

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