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    We all hold on tightly to our over-sized bags that allow us store all the things we need for our very on-the-go lives. However, as busy as we may be, there are days where we should really stash away the heavy-duty bag and replace it with an oh-so-girly and laidback look by sashaying a pretty elegant Satchel Bag. Slip on a softly hued pair of sandals or flats and a summer dress then top off your outfit with a satchel bag with its classic vibe and retro-inspired structure. This shoulder bag is the bag to carry on a day out with friends or a subtly sweet first date. Its 2 compartments and 1 pocket interior give you enough space to place your powder compact, blusher, lip gloss, lipstick, small bottle of body spray, wallet and your techie paraphernalia. With refreshing palettes and combinations of stripes, this bag will give you that laidback, girly and preppy look without trying too hard.  You know you need this in your bag collection so click that buy button now.


    • Dress up your favorite girl-next-door jeans getup or summer dress and pair it with this too-cute Satchel Bag.
    • This satchel bag has a retro-inspired structure with two push-lock front closures that’s disguised into a belt-like design on the outside.
    • It has a slim interior with 2 compartments and a thin pocket in the middle making a perfect Saturday-girl’s-day-out or Sunday-with-the-family bag.
    • It has a synthetic leather top cover with a leatherette handle but you can easily flip in on your shoulder with its detachable and adjustable strap hanging up to 23 inches.  
    • It gets cuter by the minute as it brightens up any outfit with it soft double hues combining bags with an orange-beige or fuschia-beige façade.
    • You can also get plain but pretty with baby pink, baby blue, caramel brown beige and black beige satchel bags.
    • Strike it with stripes to add more flair with the satchel bags’ stripe-y combinations of Blue/White Stripes, Olive/White Stripes, Black/White Stripes , Navy Blue/White Stripes , Brown/White Stripes  or Red/White Stripes
    • Product dimensions
      7.8 inches in height
      9.9 inches length
      3 inches width

    Shipping Info


    • Valid for a plain or striped Satchel Bags.
      • Deal 1: Plain Satchel Bag for P499 (valued at P1000)
        • Orange Beige 
        • Fuschia Beige 
        • Baby Pink 
        • Baby Blue 
        • Caramel Brown Beige 
        • Black Beige
      • Deal 2: Striped Satchel Bag for P499 (valued at P1000)
        • Blue/White Stripes
        • Olive/White Stripes
        • Black/White Stripes 
        • Navy/Blue White Stripes 
        • Brown/White Stripes 
        • Red/White Stripes
    • Purchase limit: Unlimited


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    • After 2 failed delivery attempts, product will be stored at Ensogo then will be discarded if not claimed within 30 days.
    • Upon receiving, please inspect immediately whether the product is in good condition.
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