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    Lingerie is so much more than a sexy piece of sleepwear as it symbolizes a woman’s freedom, confidence and fiery attitude. If you think you possess all these, then get yourself a piece of sexiness with sleepwear lingerie by Lingeria. Go for something sweet with Plumberry Aurora Muave or Coral Spring Pheomela but if you’re that classy vixen within, go for Sexy Scarlet Elizabeth. If you’re up to bring out a roar at night then get yourself Lady Exotica Black & White or Leopard Must-have Tianna. Slip on freedom, confidence and fiery attitude even while at sleep with the sizzling selections of sexy sleepwear lingerie via this Ensogo treat.


    • Let the sheets roar as you sleep in Lady Exotica Black and White sashaying a sultry animal print look made with fine silk.
    • Made in premium quality silk, let the fiery Victorian romper design of Sexy Scarlet Elizabeth with adjustable straps and super short shorts make you irresistible by night time.
    • Slip on the Plumberry Aurora Muave made in sheer satin and get lost in its hints of forest elements with adjustable straps, ultra short shorts and stretchable chest and waistline.
    • Learn to sizzle in animal print with premium silk Leopard Must-Have Tianna with adjustable and stretchable features. The feel of the cloth also adjusts to the temperature, guaranteeing pleasure all throughout your sleep.
    • Freshen up the breeze as you wear Coral Spring Pheomela with its floral design, plunging neckline made in chiffon material.
    • Size chart:





    Bust size

    32-34 in.

    35-37 in.

    38-40 in.

    Waist size

    24-26 in.

    27-29 in.

    30-32 in.

    Hip size

    32-34 in.

    35-37 in.

    38-40 in.


    • Great gift for women.
    • Manufactured by Lingeria which specializes in world-class sleepwear and homewear

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    • Shipping begins from November 20, 2012 to December 20, 2012.
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    Sexy Sleepwear Lingerie