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    There’s a huge difference between weight loss and fat loss. People turn their attention so much to weight loss by starving themselves to slim down (or towards anorexia) while, in fact they should make a U-turn towards fat loss because when people burn fat, the results are meant to be longer and healthier. Slim Up’s golden slimming ingredients called ADVANTRA-Z, Carnipure, and Acai Berry creates amazing fat loss effects which is based upon this theory: “Having lean muscle mass is integral to a good fitness plan because your muscles act as your body’s calorie burning ‘engine’. The more lean muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn, even when you’re resting! Slim Up presents a better way to burn. It doesn’t just burn fat, speed up metabolism and control your appetite. Its terrific trio of slimming supercomponents—Advantra Z, Carnipure and Acai Berry—all help you build and develop muscle mass.” With this in mind, you are assured that your long-term slimming goal is at the top of Slim Up’s priorities. It also has its long range of antioxidants and energizer blends which gives you a boost towards a healthy lifestyle. Slim Up is the future of fitness. Make the spectacular future come to you by gulping the slimming and healthy benefits of Slim Up The Next Generation Fitness Drink via this Ensogo treat. 


    • Get up and punch your thirst with the healthiest dose of Slim Up The Next Generation Fitness Drink in refreshing Honey-Raspberry liquid concentrate.
    • Slim Up is composed of 3 of the world’s best fitness ingredients known as ADVANTRA-Z, Carnipure, and Acai Berry. It has added beauty and healthy supplements such as glutathione, Vitamin D3, Calcium Ascorbate and more for total body wellness which brings Slim Up to the forefront of unique wellness products made in the United States, made by Fusion Formulations from Phoenix, Arizona.
    • Slim Up is an ideal multi-purpose drink that aids weight loss and overall healthy living. It is also the perfect drink for people with hypertension and diabetes as well as elderly people who must go on a weight management program in order to improve their quality of health.
    • Its muscle-building benefits can also be useful for athletes and growing young adults.
    • Slim Up also has its own antioxidant and energizer blend featuring the combined strength of Vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B12, Black Tea Extract, Vitamins C and D3 and the master antioxidant L-glutathione to make sure you perform at your best and never miss a workout.
    • Then there’s Acai. This small, dark blue berry found only in the Amazon is the superfood that’s taking the world by storm—pushing slimming effects and boosting energy.
    • Enjoy Slim Up anytime of the day. Studies at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal, Canada found out that Advantra Z® was more effective for men when taken without food, while it worked better for women when taken concurrently with their meals.
    • Just pour Slim Up into a 350ml glass or bottle of cold water and shake or stir well.
    • Store package and contents in cool, dry place.
    • 100grams per pack 
    • 5 sachets per pack
    • 20grams per sachets
    • 63% OFF OR DISCOUNT in SlimUp The Next Generation Fitness Drinks.

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    • Valid for Slim Up The Next Generation Fitness Drink. 
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      • Slim Up pack of 6 for only P1079 / P179.83 per pack (valued at P2400)
      • Slim Up pack of 10 for only P1499 / P149.90 per pack (valued at P4000)
    • Purchase limit: Unlimited voucher purchase per person.
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    • For inquiries, please call: 346-9955 and 0922-838-6020

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    Slim Up Fitness Drink