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    Magnets have come a long way from attracting opposites to sticking up photos, notes and reminders on the refrigerator door. With Kiyeski Electrostatic Physiotherapuetic Plaster, let a magnet slim down your bulging belly.  This unassuming patch allows magne-ficent slimming results—increasing your metabolism and excreting toxins from the body are just among the many benefits you can get from it. This is a super patch which helps super women with busy schedules to flatten up their tummy, wide waist or plainly bloated tummy parts. For 8 hours, lie down and have the sweetest dream possible – who knows, you might wake up seeing your dream body, courtesy of the Kiyeski Electrostatic Physiotherapeutic Plaster.


    • Show off a sexy tummy, top on or top off, with a Kiyeski Electrostatic Physiotherapeutic Slimming Belly Patch.
    • Upon its application on the navel, there is a magnet on the center of the patch. This magnet produces magnetic waves which then give a meridian message on the belly—a technique also found in acupuncture treatment. This stimulates excretion of toxins and absorption of nutrition.
    • These patches naturally boost your metabolism while also decreasing your hunger rate. They further improve the blood circulation as well and burn fats, carbs and sugars by working thoroughly with the body’s own endocrine system.
    • Studies show that the slimming rate of these electrostatic physiotherapeutic patches is higher than the rate of herbal pills.
    • Stick a patch on your navel for 8 hours, particularly before sleeping for maximum efficacy.
    • Prohibited for those with skin redness and swelling, congestion, ulcer and damaged skin.
    • Pregnant women must use it with caution.
    • Keep in mind that mild itchiness or redness can arise but it will not worsen upon continued usage and will stop after use.
    • One box contains 10 patches, with a shelf life of 24 months.

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    • Valid for the Kiyeski Electrostatic Physiotherapy Plaster/Slimming Belly Patch
      • Deal 1: P225 on Belly Slimming Patch for a minimum of 1 (valued at P469)
      • Deal 2: P199 on Belly Slimming Patch for a minimum of 3 (valued at P469)
    • Purchase limit: Unlimited
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    Free nationwide delivery
    Slimming Belly Patch