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    Home shopping channels and numerous online sites have launched thousands of numerous slimming creams or pills that have promised so many amazing effects but only a few of those products have proven themselves effective and efficient. For those legit batches of products, count this in: SlimTone Pro Total Sculpting Therapy Cream.  Using Europe’s advanced technology in slimming, toning, skin-tightening, cellulite-diminishing and stretch-mark-minimizing, it is scientifically tested and dermatologically approved plus with a resounding approval from the Bureau of Food and Drugs. If you are the kind of woman who has a 8-hour job plus kids at home to look after or just a girl with zero fascination towards the gym or any kind of sport, then this will be a perfect and flawless cream that will slim and tone your body as well as eradicate the unpleasant presence of cellulite and stretch marks of any body part. Its high-level of effectiveness creates an ‘invisible girdle’ effect upon its immediate application.

    A happy user like Model/Make-up Artist/Health and Beauty Blogger, Bambi Dela Cruz Dimapilis after 2 1/2 weeks of using SlimTone Pro Therapeutic Cream said:  

    So okay, before this, I took my measurements prior to any treatment. My waist is actually 25 inches and my hips are whopping 37. I learned that since I got myself fitted for a gown. Because of SlimTone Pro, my waist (thank you high heavens) has shrinked back to 24".  My hips were the ones with a dramatic improvement. It's down to 35-1/2 inches. I made sure that my shorts where thinner than denim, since I refuse to photograph a bare bum.

    Now the measurements have been laid out, I would now talk about the visuals. One week after, SlimTone Pro helped me firm up for my shoot. A month later, I was glad that there's less visible cellulite appearance on my legs and I could wear my uniform hot pants without worrying about dimpling whenever I sit down or cross my legs. My skin isn't dry, and in fact, I also moisturize all over my body after shower, making sure that the SlimTone is completely absorbed, of course. This I apply also if I'm self-tanning before an event, so I'm toned and tanned.”

    Try it to believe it and marvel at the spectacular and fabulous slimming and toning effects of Slim Tone Pro Total Sculpting Therapy.



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    • Leave your shapeless body parts and stretch mark worries behind as you take a hold of Slim Tone Pro Total Sculpting Therapy.
    • SlimTone Pro Therapeutic Cream is made with “SlimTone ProActive Complex,” a Healthville proprietary formula using Europe’s advanced technology in slimming, toning, skin-tightening, cellulite-diminishing and stretch-mark minimizing.
    • Its main active component is Glaucine, which is responsible for almost all its effects.  This cream gives a fast absorption at a cellular level.
    • SlimTone gives off a therapeutic scent of lemon.
    • SlimTone’s Total Sculpting Therapy gloriously promises to cover the following:
      • Slimming: decreases fat deposits and and prevents the build-up of upcoming fats
      • Toning: firms the fat by 20%
      • Cellulite Diminishing: amazingly decreases cellulites up to 35% and skin roughness up to 43%
      • Skin-Tightening: tightens, lifts and smoothens the skin immediately after application
    • Its magnificent results have received an astounding comparison to wearing an invisible girdle with just one application.  
    • No hoax – this product is scientifically tested, dermatologically approved and BFAD-approved as well.
    • To use: Apply a reasonable amount on target areas of the body such as the arms, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and hips.  Massage onto skin until fully absorbed.
    • Use the therapeutic cream every morning and every night and safely sculpt and tone your body to its desired perfection. 

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      • P479 for a minimum of 2 bottles of Slim Tone Pro
    • Purchase limit: Unlimited
    • Manufacturing Date: 08/2010

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