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    Remember when Pacquiao blamed his $.99 socks when he lost a fight against Marquez? From then on, the importance of socks has been very well-emphasized all over the world. Give your feet its maximum protection by getting them pairs of Thorlos Socks. This world-class brand protects athletes and hobbyists in the fields of Basketball and Running by providing unique acrylic cushion pads for the fat pads of the feet so that they will be protected from being damaged by shear or blisters thus giving you the extra push to keep going and play every game or race like a true destined champion. This treat also offers an Anti-Fatigue also provides protection from cuts or blisters, giving you optimum security in any kind of activity you get into. These socks can last for up to 15 years so you know you’re getting your money’s worth and more. Never let the socks fail you and choose the kind of socks that will push you to go farther in your sport—the kind produced by Thorlos Socks, the world’s best foot care.


    • Get the feet moving with endurance and protection for any kind of sport or active pursuit with Thorlos Socks.
    • Thorlos Socks are carefully engineered socks designed to provide comfort and protection like no other socks can.  They are also made to last – some users have been using the same pair of Thorlos socks for more than ten years!
    • Thorlos Socks protect the fat pads of your feet.  We lose our fat pads typically as we age, but active people who are always on their feet are likely to lose them much more quickly.  This loss can make even plain walking painful in the long run.  There are even surgeries that address this affliction, which is why if you’re always on the go, Thorlos socks are your best friend.
    • Fat pads are the natural pads or natural protection found at the bottom of the feet. Constant walking or running damages the fat pads but with the kind of protection Thorlos socks bring, it protects your feet’s natural pads thus stretching your feet’s security from possible damages.
    • According to the company, “The irony is that it requires a man-made (or natural blended with acrylic) cushion fabric to create a more natural surface inside a shoe; but remember that shoes and boots themselves are man-made surfaces. Therefore, the only effective protective measure is to help counteract the negative aspects of one "man-made" surface with another "man-made" surface. Thorlos' exclusive acrylic cushion fabric is more "natural" inside a shoe.”
    • Thorlos Socks are all about the feet’s utmost protection in whatever activity you set foot on—basketball, running or combatting fatigue.
    • Thorlos Basketball Socks are securely padded to guarantee maximum comfort on the court. They are engineered to provide blister-free comfort and protection through their protective padding.
    • Thorlos gives significance to running as they consider it (as well as may people) as a way of life. They give great attention to the feet of professional runners, and even for runners who do it for a healthier lifestyle or for the joy of it.
    • These running socks are produced to guard the feet from the damaging effects of running or walking such as shearing and blistering.
    • Anti-Fatigue socks are perfect for those with jobs that required prolonged standing or extensive walking.  It is also equipped with X-Static, which provides permanent anti-microbial and anti-odor benefits.
    • These socks are time-tested, with many users attesting to its longevity.  Each pair may last up to 15 years without losing any of their efficacies.
    • Please note that thick-fit socks may make your shoe size bigger.
    • Size guide:
      • 11– US Women’s 6.5 – 10 / US Men’s 5.5 – 8.5
      • 13 – US Women’s 10.5 – 13 / US Men’s 9 – 12.5

    Shipping Info


    • Valid for a Basketball, Running OR Anti-Fatigue Thorlos Socks
      • Basketball Short White Socks BMX Mini Crew (valued at P799)
      • Basketball Long White Socks BX Crew (valued at P799)
      • Basketball Short Black Socks BMX Mini Crew (valued at P799)
      • Basketball Long Black Socks BX Crew (valued at P799)
      • Anti- Fatigue Socks (valued at P799)
      • Running White Socks JMM Micro-mini(valued at P799)
      • Running White Socks JLM mini crew (valued at P799)
    • Purchase limit: Unlimited


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